That moment when you walk into the office on your first day, while setting up your desk they ask you which mouse you would like to use, and you respond "oh no thank you I prefer my trackpad" and the whole office stops what their doing and gives you that look...

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    You didn't 😬... Mean that seriously?
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    You got off easy...
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    Trackball user here.... I get puzzled looks all of the time. I can't use a mouse
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    I grew up using laptops so trackpads just fee more natural, in addition my hands are too shaky to click thing accurately with a mouse
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    Did you get a new laptop from them?
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    @Drastic well, the company has to give him the tools to work don't they?
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    @Drastic they offered for me to use a Mac Mini but I haven't used Mac OS in a while, and also it's a Mac Mini...
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    Trackpad work perfectly, even for gaming
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    @rusty-hacker depends on the game for me. FTL is absolutely playable because you can always pause. Civ too.
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    @Sotch-pr35mac bro... Yes mouse's feel weird of your not used to them... But get used to them. It's really important unless you plan on getting a track pad the size of the screen
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    @FitzSuperUser ? I don't quite follow your reasoning there, do you mean like... a touchscreen?
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    @Sotch-pr35mac one of the main reasons you shouldn't is that track pads are slow and imprecise. Their resolution is always. Terrible (effective dpi)

    I wasn't being realistic you shouldn't buy a huge one but you can they are technically art pads or whatever they are called

    A touch screen would be better in your case...
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    Try work with cts trackball.. No one single day without any (not funny) comment about it
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    @FitzSuperUser maybe it's just because my trackpad dpi is pretty decent, and that I've never spent over $10 on a mouse, that Ive had the opposite experience with mice, being that their less accurate and require too much wrist movement to use long term. That's my 2 cents at least
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