These guys need some dialogue. What do think they're saying?

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    Man, this keyboard is a bio hazard.
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    Hey, get off my keyboard!!!
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    They are just thinking how weird it would be if they, two lifeless objects, would suddenly speak.

    - Paradox
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    (left) - t-t-t-trying to reeeach Ctrl+S ...
    (right) - You'll never make it! I told you, we're doomed!
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    Probably ranting
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    We are happy to have a nice new home.
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    Can I clean your keyboard as a stress reliever?
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    Meh meh
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    This rant!
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    "Member QBASIC??" "Oh yeah, I member!!"
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    wow, I think you've got a problem
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    Dammit, I'm not heavy enough to post our rant!
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    I judge you. Every code you type, i am watching.
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    Ball 1: He still isn't aware of the missing semicolon on Line 291.

    Ball 2: Shhhhhhh
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    Ball 1: "Do you think somebody's watching us right now?"
    Ball 2: "Meh... probably. I mean, we're kind of made to be watched by people anyway, right?"
    Ball 1: "Heh... right."
    Ball 1: "So, umm... How the f*ck do I get off this keyboard?"
    Ball 2: "I dunno. We don't have hands. Nor legs. Nor any kind of limb we can use to do anything... we can just... roll."
    Ball 1: "I'm gonna roll off this thing, then."
    Ball 2: "Okay then."
    *Ball 1 rolls off the keyboard*
    Ball 1: "That was a fun experience."
    Ball 2: "I'm sure it was, buddy, glad to have ya on my same level."
    Ball 1: "Pleasure's mine."



    **THE END**
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    @Gaetano96 haha devRant stress ball erotic fanfiction!
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    @trogus oh god, what have I done hahaha xD
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