Bought a 🏡.. o.O 🎉 Yaaay!
Soon™ I'll have a decent home office! & a 🐈 & a 🐕... maybe.. I hope.. (:

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    @F1973 good news tag! (;
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    Congrats! I purchased my first home (condo in the Bay Area) a few months ago! It's very surreal up until the first mortgage payment. haha.
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    @F1973 👍👍👍 Congratz!!
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    Neat, congratulations!

    House party when? (Floyd is paying for everything, tickets included)
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    Wooo! 😁

    I just bought mine as well 😊
    I will finally have a home office — at least when we move in.
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    @Root Hehe I know.. (:
    I was tempted to ask once or twice how long did it take to buy it, the whole process of picking it out & all and how much nerve wrecking it was for you..
    But decided against in case you'd say it was all done in a week cuz I'd just die of jelaousy xD it took us 5 months & a shittone of my nerves to finally get it..
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    @Jilano tnx!

    Well....I'm supposed to be throwing a halloween party, so might aswell join 'em.. xD

    @F1973 It's just an empty shell, still need to finish the bathroom & all. I just hope we don't go in full lockdown again..or at least not before wo do that & move..
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    @F1973 Depends on what you go for. It can be fully furnished & new, old & fully furnished, new empty, old empty..
    We decided to go for this one for it's location & option to equip everything like we want.

    So yeah..soon™.. xD
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    @F1973 Yeah.. stole it from Niantic..whoever knows them..knows this.. 🤣🤣🤣
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    @sladuled I’ll write up a rant about it later 😁. It was absolutely rant worthy
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    @F1973 I think the players did it for them.. 🤣🤣 this is actually first one of tg stickers & I think it's used the most..

    When will this bug be fixed?
    When will you release this?
    When will issues with this event be solved?!

    So now everyone is making fun of their soon & I cannot say it with a straight face anymore.. 🤣🤣🤣

    They're the company behind Ingress, Pokemon Go & Wizards unite..they used to be a sub division (not sure how to define this properly) in Google, but since they separated, their games are buggy, they lost player base in Ingress with some horrible decisions & forcing of new UI (same as PoGo) that was buggy as hell and with limited functionality that was supposed to come Soon™.. so after delaying it for more than a year, they released a horribly buggy game..and killed it for most of non cheating playerbase.. Even now, on certain weekend if there is event in one game, the other two also start crashing.. it feels like they switched from devs for nasa or cern to teletubbies..o.O

    I think you actually need to be sloppy as hell to be eligible to work for them...every update reintroduces same bugs over & over, they fix it in a third update maybe, but ofc screw sth else up, so next update fixes the last bug but reintroduces the everlasting sort/filter bug.. it was frustrating at first, now I just find it hilarious.. and also makes me feel better about myself.. 🤣🤣🤣😇
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    @sladuled Yeah, Niantic definitely cut off their nose to spite their face by divorcing Google. I realise there were issues there and they released themselves of some red tape, but the chaotic aftermath was truly dreadful.
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    @AlmondSauce not sure if you're familiar with the games.. PoGo/WU are pretty much pay to win more.. They are trying to monetize Ingress now.. What we loved to buy (anomaly/event swag), they took from us & are now trying to make money by selling in game items. Some are cool, like skins and special visual effects, others.. yuck. I think if corona wasn't raging around, there'd be people putting gasoline on their HQ for that.. xD
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    Last house move here, took a year renting to find a place and move in.

    Taking 4+ years to do the place up, estimate another 1 or 2 to finish !

    Then sell, move to a more expensive place, repeat..

    Maybe stay there, or repeat again to end up in the final destination !

    At least I'm getting better at putting up shelves..

    (Today's list of things to do, replace fluorescent tube fittings with LED lights instead, since it looks nicer, uses less electricity, and its easier to get LED lights delivered than tubes !)

    Though I did once cycle home some 20 miles with a fluorescent tube in my rucksack, got hit by a car, and the tube survived !
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    I hear the cheapest way to get a home is buy land, build home.
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    Grats 🥰🥰🥰🥰
    This feels good
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    Grats bro! You will for sure!
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    @F1973 I have ™®© on keyboard...
    For ¹²³ I have to long pres to get options.. ½⅓¼ ♪♪♣♠♥♦μΩπ wooow, just discovered I can 'play poker' lol
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    @Nanos Depends really what you want, how much time you have and where you wanna build it & how..

    I don't wanna live in the city for the rest of my life...student years, yeah it was fun..but now I want my peace & quiet & be surounded by nature.

    Here we have crazy housing situation.. For example currently rents for 30m² apartment in capital can go up to 450-500€/month..same sized apartment (1 room & bathroom really) in second biggest city is around 200-250€..

    Some time ago I was checking rents in Vienna.. they were nowhere near as high & the apartments actually looked nice.. plus the minimum salary there is higher than here.. you get the picture..

    P.S. capital has 270 000ish people living here.. by international standards it's not big at all, but still annoys the fuck out of me..
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    @F1973 um.. I have...I don't know what I have.. it came preinstalled lol hm... Is there such thing as default android keyboard?!
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    @MurkaZ I hope soon, I can get one. We need to finish up & settle down first. I also need to 'potty train' myself first so I won't be spending too much time still working..
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    @F1973 suggestions on what to switch to?
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    Reminds me of a place I lived which was 10m² for 2 of us @ 700€/month..
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    @F1973 For keyboard (:
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    @F1973 Google board as in Gboard? Cuz I guess I'm using it already o.O

    OMG, found the settings.. looks like I have a shittone of keyboards installed o.O

    And no.. I mean I disabled whatever I could & hope for the best.. I know I'm naive to think nothing gets sent out anyways..but since I'm using a huawei..I'm already fucked..

    Edit: um.. if we're using the same keyboard, how come you don't have a character for ™??
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    @F1973 looool

    Yeah..um.. no? I dunno, it's the only phone that actually survived me.. I think it'll be 2yrs in november..
    All the other phones started crapping out on me after 6-12months.. :/
    And I fear the day this one says bah bye, cuz I don't know what to buy, since 40 series are crappy about google.. :/
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    @F1973 I lol @ everything atm xD

    And yeah, my superpower is breaking electronics..at work they're making fun of me..everytime someone sees my phone is like wow, you still didn't destroy it?!
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    @F1973 nah, no creepy laughter.. well not atm.. just happy I guess.. (:
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