Had to interview a "Tech Lead" who apparently has 9 years of experience in Enterprise Java, AWS, spring cloud, microservices and all the in-demand tech jargon you can think of. Plus has mentioned he has cleared OCJP (java certification) with 90% marks.

So I ask him how do microservices work - he says there's another team handling it.

I give a simple string manipulation problem and ask him to write code in an IDE or explain the logic with pseudocode and get this..

He says since he is a lead I cannot ask him to write code and should only ask about his experience.

I'm like - Sure Sir. While I do that, I will also put in a strong recommendation for you to be hired, give up all my salary to you, become your slave for life and order your lunch everyday with my savings.

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    He didn't even try to do the task?! That's a new one on me 🤣
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    lol does this stuff really happen in actual life
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    This reminds me of an old joke

    A guy goes for an interview

    (Interviewed) I am looking for a job that matches my huge experience, so I don’t have to work, instead I would only guide people to the right direction.

    (CEO) we had one such position, but I took it
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    Ah people these days, want all the glory and none of the work.
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    Was your job for a “tech lead”?
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    WTF is all I got.
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