So, I was rejected from a job cause I didn't answer one mail asking for a technical detail about my code... my bad for it.

Except I checked the mail every single day and it was neither in mails, nor in spam, nor in the other gmail smart labels, and it magically appeared October 30th, with the date 27th October. WAT?

I am not even angry (I am extremely sad because a remote job would have allowed me to finally move in with my sweet half, but that is another story) just... wtf? How...did it...? WAT?

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    I've had this for the last little while in gmail. It seems to be related to categories. I miss inbox.
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    That's why I have customized my gmail and removed all those useless labels, Just one inbox is great.
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    @theabbie I think I will do as well, so far I have always been happy with gmail but this was so weird and random
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    I don’t trust the reliability of google services. I used the calendar for a long time and it started to disappear things on my calendar. Or it would turn off notifications for an event. Or choosing to accept a meeting didn’t add it to the calendar. Google calendar is a calendar; it needs to do calendar things reliably.

    Similarly when I moved away from Gmail I became happier with my email. My inbox isn’t trying to preprocess all my mail. Now I have an inbox. I archive, delete, reply, or forward. I don’t have disappearing emails anymore. I don’t get a phone notification that leads to an email that never arrives in my inbox.
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    @irene omfg i knew it!
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    When something is really important, you don't send an email.
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    You should try searching Label:all in search. Sometimes some filter can automatically categorise your email or even mark it as read. Even better would be to check settings and remove all the filters
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    @SortOfTested Inbox was amazing. I was super bummed when they discontinue it.

    Man I hate Google.
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    Why does Gmail search suck too... On Android anyway
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    @junon I'm still bummed out that Google Wave was discontinued.

    It was a crossover between mail, collaborative docs and chat.


    Yes of course it looks ancient and kind of primitive now.

    It got mostly replaced by other apps, I would say it even INSPIRED many modern office collaboration tools. And the original Wave workflow wouldn't even make that much sense in 2020 anymore.

    It was donated to Apache as open source, but without big company backing, not much has come of the original tooling.

    I wish Google had kept investing in modernizing it, because when it came out it blew my mind -- and we might have had something better, more integrated, than having a coworker Slack you a Zoom link to discuss a Google document or Notion documentation page.

    In my opinion, it's what Google Meet should have become: Slack-like chat + Zoom-like meetings + Freeflow collaborative whiteboarding --> Distillation into fixed documentation.
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    I like google, it was a great place to work. I don't care for some of their decisions. They couldn't commit to a different direction, so they flimsily ran two experiments and gave up.
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