November brings .Net 5, for anyone who cares about that, and after listening to my husband watch Ignite "reveal" advertising container, and all the enterprise virtue signaling therein, I am now to the point where the only thing I can think is "Fuck you Microsoft, and Fuck .Net 5."

During a 30 minute speech, the director of the dotnet platform commits the following flagrant faux pas:

1. Introduces tons of visual studio easy buttons for shit we already do, no mention of VS code support.
2. Shows tools that anyone other than the most insular enterprise mouth-breather have been using for no less than 6 years
3. Gives absolutely no credit to the Open Source community projects backing the features he's showing
4. Shows nothing but mono-cloud integration, makes no mention of any other cloud targets for new features
5. Acts like "deploy your app the cloud from IDE" is something anyone should be doing in 2020
6. Showed an API repl that is pathetic compared to httpie when it was in alpha
7. Showed blazor loading from cache and said "Look at how instantaneous it is" (if you ignore the 5mb of cached payload it took to run the hello world demo)
8. Shows Project Tye, presenting it as a new groundbreaking xyz, fails to mention helm already exists

What's absent is what is most offensive:

- acknowledgment of community contribution
- no linux/mac tools, entirely windows-centric (which jives with my prediction of second-class citizenship for the people who contributed to .net core the most)
- cross-cloud capabilities
- bash/zsh (again with the untermensch relegation)

Fucking microsoft back to their old bullshit.

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    Maybe they will at least solve the existing bugs in .net and will refactor the stupid design of a few of the older classes. Oh no? Just infrastructure stuff... Well maybe next version /s
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    Don't forget marketing. They included a ton of obfuscative marketing that will make it impossible to tell one part of the system from another. It's going to make technical conversations with clients and managements even easier!
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    They lost me when they stopped caring about vb.net

    This is why I bet on open sourced tech and why I am happy I have never had to feel this way with the tech stack i normally go for.
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    It's still wopen source, it's just offensive how they're treating the community.
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    @SortOfTested i know it is, but they have a clear cut direction as to where they want their stuff to go for even the contributors have absolutely no control.

    "thank you for your contributions, now fuck you, we doing this instead" is the current business model for the .net stack
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    Feels more like, "we have no ideas so we're just going to start using open source libs and pretend they're features we developed."

    The community really need to adopt a new "MIT + NoMS" license; free for everyone to use and extend except microsoft because they bury credit.
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    my reaction to every point that offends you by it's absence:

    "who cares?"
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    You're just too cool for school I guess.
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    @SortOfTested nah, i just don't need every library/framework to turn into the same omnifeature monoculture big ball of mud.

    ever heard of "the right tool for the job"?
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    What are you talking about? It *is" becoming a "monoculture ball of mud." That's what I'm complaining about 🤣

    What does right tool for job have to do with ignoring the segments of the community that contributed all the features you're pretending were made in house?
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    @SortOfTested "MIT + NoMS"? But why, isn't getting fucked over is exactly what the community wanted when they chose a "permissive" licence instead of GPL?
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    Viral licenses like GPL aren't any better than Microsoft for society. You don't throw the baby out with the bathwater because of single bad actor. Microsoft took credit and didn't pay for GPL or apache software as well. Settling out of court with them blows over. Having your name directly attached as the sole exclusion to a license packs more punch.
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    @SortOfTested Getting fucked with permissive licence. Exactly what the GPL is designed to prevent.

    BUT: GPL baaaad! Reeeeeee!
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    @SortOfTested i liked the rant.

    And honestly I feel like I'm reading a conversation without context.

    A lot of comments make no sense at all? Have I missed a lot of context?

    And back to topic... Linux / non Windows OS is Microsofts last chance of rescue.

    MS server is dying. For many many reasons.

    MS needs fresh markets. And their OS move is exactly that. Trying to stop the sinking boat.

    They need the community support.

    MS might have a lot of good engineers, but multi platform compatibility is a very hard, rare, and extremely specified field.

    If MS doesn't stop pissing and shitting where they are eating, it will be bad.
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    @IntrusionCM MS doesn't want to be seen as Windows company anymore, and while Windows is still important, it's not their priority number 1 anymore.

    They're heavily invested in cloud shit, that's what makes them a lot more money. Windows is becoming a legacy product for MS. That's also why they cut down on Windows QA - to re-direct their resources into more profitable products.

    They don't stop the Windows boat from sinking. They prepare abandoning it as long-term perspective.
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    @Fast-Nop that's what I said.

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    @IntrusionCM Actually not because MS doesn't have a problem. The stock value has more than tripled since Nadella took over. Nothing suggests that MS is in a dire situation.

    The reason they embrace OS has nothing to do with the "community" because MS doesn't care. It's just about (partially) outsourcing development cost and doing their vendor lock-in on a totally different level.

    TLDR: MS is the same old scumbag company that it has always been.
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    @Fast-Nop your reading comprehension has hit rock bottom.

    I said "MS server is dying". I never said MS is dying or that Windows is dying.

    I _did_ say that MS needs fresh markets.

    And that's what they're actively doing, even before Satella took over.

    Azure, SQL server, DotNet (and many others) - the OS move is going on since a long time.

    And yeah, Azure is I think nearly 50 % non Windows. If MS would still be Windows centric, MS financial stats wouldn't look so peachy.

    And the community is important - a _lot_ of the Non MS platform support came from the community.... And being shunned by the devs of either non MS platform would end bad.

    MS can pay developers, yes. But it's the OSS project choices to reject participation.
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    @IntrusionCM Yeah, you did say that. It's just that you totally don't understand the role of OSS here and think MS is catering to the "community", which is just ridiculous. That was my point if you had cared to read.
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    @Fast-Nop Because I never said that?!!

    Geezus... What ever, I'm giving up here.
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    Longest lead-in to a porn ever 🍿
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    I was going to watch the presentation but it seemed you summed it up, I agree thats fucked the community should be acknowledged.
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    I don't know which presentation you saw but mine was more humble, with features illustration.
    Ported all me projects to net 5, painless and my projects became more performant :D
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    That's cool, but has nothing to do with what I wrote.
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