As part of mentoring folks was having a round table. All wanted tech help. lists of things to do, learning syllabus, techs to bet on, projects, promotion mantras etc etc.

I asked them how's the work. All started rating about overload and overworked. How difficult it is to find time to do anything else. It became noisy.

So asked how they will find time to do all the above without time. Do they really need mentoring on time management and prioritisation ?

Felt like my invisible tws anc headset turned ON at that moment

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    It is normal.
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    "We want to do FUN stuff without deadlines".

    Not meant as a stab to anyone. This is literally my own background for getting frustrated at times.
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    Many times on devrant we had the discussion about deadlines.

    Deadlines aren't bad. It's bad people who make deadlines bad. xD

    Joke aside, it's just like that.

    Time management shouldn't be a "must" … but rather an expectation of "could".

    The whole punishment and torture that many people associate specifically with deadlines is unnecessary...

    Bad things happen TM.
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