Whoever designed the Google Play geographical restrictions had never travelled
1. Changing my country locks it for a year
2. I can only have one country
Clearly, people only cross borders once a year and don't need to download apps like the official local public transport route planner.

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    Local Travel apps should not be made location restricted by the Developers, that's not what it's meant for.

    Location restriction should be for more serious things which can be illegal in some regions, hence blocked. And Google play does that pretty well.
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    I have bank accounts in 2 countries, one of the banks have that restriction on their app, other thankfully not.

    So if I change my store to the country I reside the majority of time I cannot use/update banking app which is shitty!

    That means that if i have to use some apps that are country restricted here where I am like 11/12 months, I just cannot, literally, afford to do that!
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    @theabbie One of the countries relevant to me is in the EU. Most companies that can't have business in the EU don't bother to find out whether they fit the GDPR. They just make the app unavailable.
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    @Lor-inc That shouldn't be done though, if they allow multiple countries, that would break the purpose.
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    Clean rom install every time you cross a border
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    @electrineer It is tied to my account. And no, these apps aren't available outside the play store. If they were, I wouldn't complain.
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    @Lor-inc how does it work if you use multiple Google accounts? And how about using a different Google play store client like Aurora Store or Yalp Store?
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    @Lor-inc can't you multi account?
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    Is there a web version you can use in the browser? That is what I use for most of that. Also I hate region locking.

    IMHO this is what progressive web apps are needed for.
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    IMHO the tech world is a shitshow and needs to be scrapped.
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    If someone tries to geofence you, you should geofence him fully out of your life.
    There are plenty of services and apps to choose from...

    And yes - for people who certainly travel a lot, that silicon valley IT kids in general seem to have a pretty insufficient level of understanding when it comes to people who actually are flexible and at home in multiple countries all over the world...
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    @Oktokolo I can't geofence the UK government nor either of my banks out of my life, so the Play store stays until all the idiots figure out that not releasing an APK only makes their services worse.
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    @Lor-inc can you side load it?
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    Neither your bank nor your government will figure that out.
    You will not search for a bank, wich will not require a geofenced app
    (personally i prefer old-school standalone tan generator devices wich also are way more secure because they aren't just software on my phone or computer).
    So the bank will not see any pressure to change. Therefore it will not change.

    Governments almost work like banks. But instead of changing the country, you change the ruling party by voting. But if the ruling party is reelcted again and again - they obviously does their part right. So it will not change either.

    You want anything to change, you have to do it yourself and convince others to do the same.

    While changing government or society is more of a multi-generation project, solving the issue for yourself is stupidly easy for banking as there are tons of banks to choose from - so start with the bank.
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    2020 has some news for you :)

    They just predicted it
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