When some moron decides to give your free (and ad free) app a 1 star rating because it does exactly what it is supposed to do, but doesn't do what the reviewer wanted it to.

How considerate of these arse holes to ruin an apps reputation because they are moronic.

I really wish that you could file claims for the reviews to be removed for defamation.

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    Seen a few of these myself and it annoys me even though I don't make make apps.

    I tend to down vote them where possible.
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    @nblackburn Yeah, I just don't understand people, like if you have a legitimate reason for not liking an app, then feel free to leave a review with some pointers. But to give a 1 star rating, because the app does exactly as is described is ridiculous.

    This is the problem with today's society, people feel that they have the right to complain about something that they A didn't even pay for, B. Does what it is supposed to, just not what they wanted.
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    @MaccaMc FREE is treat like paid when it shouldn't be.
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    @nblackburn Yeah, it's ridiculous that people sometimes give apps bad rating for the simple fact that they are paid. You wouldn't expect to get games for Windows for free, so I don't see why Android developers shouldn't be able to charge for their efforts.
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    @MaccaMc If you think that's bad, head on over to slant.co and witness everything that costs get a CON marked against it.

    Sometimes it even goes as far as them claiming it's insecure because it's not open source.
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    Contact them and try to resolve the issue and ask them to change their rating
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    @MaccaMc @slaat The best you can do with Google Play is to reply, which I have but this rarely has an effect.
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    @MaccaMc too bad... :/
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    Don't worry people know it is an outlier and generally disregard it.
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    @Letmecode I mean, that is a requirement of my calendar app tbh
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    @MaccaMc I know how it feels 😑
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    @nblackburn I quite agree, but not with the last paragraph. If I don't see the source I mostly don't even run (except drivers).

    If the code is visible, the intentions of the programmers are too, which means the application can't screw you. This is what I love about FSF.

    Then again, try to make a bank application and opensource it. Yeah, sadly that probably won't happen. :/
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    @KeyWeeUsr Sure things could be malicious but that is an assumption at best.
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    for specific use apps or games, I'm fine with paid software, however when it becomes an industry standard it becomes dangerous, and i would avoid such software even if it means using a lacking free alternative
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    And then you see an app that shows a gif of a dancing alien getting 4.5+
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    If any of Facebook's apps had listed under features "Drains you battery uncontrollably at all times" I would give them maybe a 3 star rating. To bad they don't, solid 1 star rating from me. There Android app (even iOS) is complete garbage.
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    @nicnaknic Maybe if they stopped reinventing the wheel and use perfectly good tech other people have created, they would have time for their apps.

    Most people build on a platform, Facebook create the whole ecosystem just to make the app.
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