So I've been in a new job(in a nearshore company) for roughly 2 months, and has been a marvelous experience. They hire constantly and for me that's a good sign but welp.

Today I got a message in linkedin from an unknown guy who applied to a mobile job offer, asking me if I could recommend him for the opening. From one side I feel awkward, I don't know the guy, his skills, his drive for learning and from other side I know how hard can be to land a job, but asking a stranger to get a recommendation... First time that happened to me, I don't know if the guy is at the end of the rope or is just trying to get the easy path.

PS: at this very moment in the company, I barely know the hiring and management people at the company 🤷‍♀️

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    I mean asking a random person for recommendation is not very profesionnal.
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