WFH vs Office, what will be your preference in a post covid world?

I'm sure after the covid saga ends, there will be a plethora of remote and WFH opportunities since businesses are now ready for it. Most big companies in our place (Like Microsoft, Google, Amazon) have extended WFH till June/July, and Microsoft even said it's gonna be way more flexible in letting ppl WFH

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    So you’re actually thinking the covid bizniz will end? Such optimism, much wow
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    working from office
    1) clear separation of work time
    2) communication !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3) I'm a lot more productive in 6hrs at office than 12hrs at home
    4) no internet issues
    5) food, AC, games in the office
    6) any permissions, issues, new installs are done in a couple of hours instead of waiting 2-3 days
    7) the amount of fucking meetings and emails in WFH are insane
    8) it's fucking depressing in WFH, i miss real human connection. i miss office gossip, cracking jokes, having lunch, playing games with the team.
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    Both. Office is nice, but commuting is meh and sometimes I just want to be alone with the work.
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    TL;DR: basically what @linus-torvald said

    I don't work yet, but if I were to get a job I'd prefer WFH, since travel time to and from college already takes 90min/day, adding more to that would be unbearable. But if I were already out of college I would prefer working at the office. At home it's super hard to keep focused because there's my bed right beside me and I can open a game any time I want, but the office doesn't have any of that, so it's easier to keep focused. And there's also the factor of human interaction: I want to be able to talk to people in person and meet new people. If I WFH meeting a future Ms neeno is gonna be nearly impossible...
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    @linus-torvald I agree with every single one of your points. My productivity has tanked since I started WFH. Can't wait to go back into the office.
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    WFH. A company exists to exploit you. It's not like I'm a hippy or a conspiracy theorist, I recognise that it makes sense.

    But as a software developer, of you are good, you probably produce much more value than you earn. For me working in an office and getting attached to the company is a negative. Just waiting to feel confident enough to start my own company.
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    Anyways, for me, doesn’t make a difference either way. Both have their pros and cons.
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    @linus-torvald I agree with work separation, AC and office chit-chat.
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    I did that even before corona.
    My employer has always allowed WFH and that allowed me to move to a small village 1000km from our office.

    I couldnt live here without WFH and I like living here.
    When I lived nearer I liked to go to office to see workmates, but travelling took time so I did that only every other day.
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    I'm a college kid zoomer dev. I've only ever worked in an office once, and it was a pretty cool experience. It was a small team of devs making b2b aerospace inspection software. There were 4 software devs, including me.

    I sat behind the PM with an age old win7 laptop that took 10 minutes to boot up visual studio. I liked always having someone there to ask what i should do next for tasks and walk over to the senior engineers office for advice.

    Covid hit and they just stopped contacting me. Got another job WFH as a front end engineer. It's cool but they don't really communicate. They don't even use github. I finished one project and nobody has messaged me and nobody has an answer for what i should do next. Im basically getting paid to sleep in at this point.
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    @linus-torvald wait, you got FOOD in the office?
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    @saucyatom usually in the near of an office is an restaurant or more.
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    @stop That yes, but they're mostly rather expensive (where I work, for what I earn). At home there's always food (with the cost of having to cook = spend time).
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    @vigidis do a zoom beer party! 🤣
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    A mix.
    WFH 2 days a week (Monday and Wednesday), office for 3 days, with the option to take extended WFH at certain times (e.g. anytime in the first half of the month is ok, latter half can only WFH those 2 days a week).
    Miss working with colleagues, discussions, spontaneous drinks etc - 2nd half of the month everybody is in the office at the same time!
    Don't want to commute every day, concentrate with less distractions than in an open-plan office, work in bed - 2 days a week WFH!
    Don't want to use the vacation but want to snowboard before work in the morning in the winter? Same again for scuba diving or snorkeling before work in the summer? Go home for a month and only use 2 weeks vacation (I live abroad)? - First half of the month unlimited WFH!
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