I think if devRant doesn't do banning, it should start by introducing the first ban reason which would be "He's the type of guy we come here to rant about".

Linking the rant that made me have this opinion.

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    Sweet balls of Jesus, what in the unholy wars of shit did you just spray on my eyes?
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    There is always downvoting them into oblivion. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    (Though I didn’t read that whole mess either.)
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    New abbiethread arrived
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    Only a mother could love that code.
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    If not banning, I'm waiting on that "block" feature. I already have a list somewhere on people I'd rather erase from existence.

    @Root Yeah, time is too precious to waste on that.

    @C0D4 Want some bleach?
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    I'm sorry, but i could not allow that to be what you call "learning"

    i rewrote your whole game, continue from here.
    its not perfect, but at least its usable code.


    @Jilano, Bleach, got any of that hospital grade stuff lying around?
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    Yes, what the heck was that thread. We all started somewhere, but most of us were humble enough to accept help and use proper sources. I started with VB.NET back then (not exactly proud today^^) but used a book and got a good hang on what structures and algorithms are. And I learned that skipping to the juicy bits does not work in the long run. Going for GUI related stuff without learning about threads results in a laggy interface.

    I take your code @C0D4 as bleach. Should suffice.
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    @C0D4 I'll check what I have left, but @rutee07 used a lot recently for "something"
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    @DBX12 Yeah I also started with shitty VB.Net and Aero window themes back in the day. And originally, that one 40yo guy I met on GTA IV teached me a lot of coding and Modding. I was really proud when he said “Wow, you’re 12? You sound way less annoying than the rest of you!”

    Good times.
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    @Jilano I need to bleach my asshole for work. Please understand.
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    @rutee07 No worries, I can understand and still complain about it.
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    Well of course, the link broken if you cowardly delete the rant. Like shoving your face in a wall and go "haha, I'm bleeding".

    "Cesspool of useless shit while other people feed them" ... I'm honest, I don't want to be fed whatever shit you call code.

    "It wasn't nice knowing ya" ... likewise, edge lord.

    Yeah, get these android tablets of yours fixed and go doom the roblox world.

    And don't make a fool of you calling Tampermonkey a client side plugin. It's like saying you go and drink a wet water.
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    I'm just waiting for the day he discovers Python and firmly stands by his "I do what I want as I please" point, especially on the matter of indention.

    As for being on his "client side plugin" block list, I can totally live with that. Just in case your script sucks and you still see that message, Solario.
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    @Solario360 Why are you being like this?
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    why are you asking me?, it midnight shlong , DBX12, and a whole lot more people i dont really care what people think i just block them
    dont ask me midnight started it with this "you write shit code" eh i bet nika had the same problem
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    I guess the rant was deleted as the link doesn't work for me
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    @Solario360 You and all of the other people from your school are simply not welcome here.

    Do what you want, we still will hate on all of you if you don’t change your mindset. You’re not making any friends here.

    Just leave, it’s healthier for you.
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    LOL simply telling us we are not welcome here is cringe, its like me telling someone in a store they have no place to be here, check your sentences buddy i think you have an error @Phazor001 Sup
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    @Solario360 Hey, can you tell me where that block button is?
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    @example-user There is no block button, its their 1337 "client side plugin" Tampermonkey script. Probably just hides comments based on the author's username. But it seems to work like shit because Solario is still reacting to my comments despite me being "blocked".

    And I agree with you, with their current behavior, they are not welcome here. Nobody likes a toxic edge lord.
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    wtf is going on here? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Got dragged into something by Solario I guess :D
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    @Solario360 no, i didn't start it by telling you that you write shit code.

    you started it by writing shit code, then complaining that it doesn't work, and then complaining about everyone who politely (at first) tried to explain to you that it doesn't work because is shit.

    you're free to keep doing as you please, since you obviously don't mind the consequence which is you having written shit code that doesn't work ;)
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    @Solario360 if you were in a store that you care about, and someone took a giant dump in the middle of it and started smearing it around by rolling in it while screaming "enjoy the lovely perfume of my genius!"

    ... i don't think it would be cringe to tell to someone like that that they're not welcome there
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