Have some questions to testing.

Right now we are at the production end for first version. So far it was said to use Selenium IDE for Browser side testing, which was barely possible for the size of the website...
Is there other software or are there concepts I can read and inform myself to get into that point to teach myself properly?

The project is a business Website with Work flow system. Php backend and Database with a few procedures and zend framework for browser side.

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    Do you also have quick unit/component tests ? Or only e2e?
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    If you didn't do front end unit testing and are headed into end-to-end scenario testing, selenium or alternative is your goto.

    If the website is to large, drill into happy paths first that cover critical areas and slowly expand on the test suites.
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    So far we only had manual tester and Selenium IDE which is very limited.
    So yeah no backend testing whatsoever... And literally nobody in my company knows about testing in detail :/
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    So only e2e test from browser by clicking through everything
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    @C0D4 will look into it tomorrow. Much appreciated!
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    @Gemsrom if you need more control over the automation you'll need to use the web driver and code instead of the IDE.
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    Record and playback tests are notoriously unstable and will, in the long run, cost you more than you save by not setting up proper test automation so let go of the selenium IDE.

    Setting up pagemodels and attaching them to actions allow you to abstract the actual test away from the code so you can spread the creation of tests to non coding team members, for a keyword you can look into behavior driven frameworks and gherkin.

    Going this way (and maybe hiring a testing professional) will result in a much more reliable testing infrastructure and believe me when I say that while good tests give a huge boost to productivity bad ones are an enormous slow down.
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