Why does this blog hate his visitors?

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    Seriously. Who wrote all the content in german 😉
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    And if you block ads, you either have to log in (played) or complete mini games.
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    Belvedere vodka seems like the article and golem.de the ad. I maybe wrong.
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    @sbiewald complete mini games because you have an ad blocker? Which sizes do that?
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    now I want to know the name of the company - don't make me google it

    @Emmi maybe he means those fun puzzle games where you have to find cars and traffic lights 😉
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    no issues with ublock origin ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯
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    @Emmi golem.de? But I think they disabled the games a while ago, because it was too annoying.
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    @sbiewald I think I never visited golem.de when they still had those games. Or my adblockblockblocker blocked the mini game 🤔
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    @Emmi They described it here: https://www.golem.de/act/
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    If you use an ad blocker at golem.de, they will show the same amount of ads AND annoy you with overlay banners.
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