Me, whenever I read a post about Rust

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    When I first heard about Rust it sounded like a really old language until I realized it released in around 2015...

    Now I just immediately think of the game as I used to play a lot of it.
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    This post is so gloriously amusing! Thank you for winning the internet today.
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    @ddit I played a lot of Rust too. It was a good game. After they added Vulkan support on Linux, everything was extremely smooth in terms of performance. But, there were massive graphical glitches. And I mean massive, there were a lots of "party" textures flashing in million colors. These glitches were present also in Windows when I tried to add Vulkan launch parameter. Guess what did they say? That it is only a Linux problem. So instead of getting shit in their shitty Vulkan implementation together, they killed the entire Linux version. Fuck Garry, such a moron.
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    @ddit killing nakeds, robbing neighbors, trapping the unsuspecting, running slav cults and using the skulls of your enemies kas currency.

    Rust truly is the peak of gaming.
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