With the other members of the team refusing to learn git and making changes directly to the staging server i get to write the commit messages for everyone.

UPDATE: *informative details *

UPDATE: mark made some changes

UPDATE: colin made the same changes as mark but different

UPDATE: andrew undid all colins updates to change one link and I had to add them back in, thank gawd I commit the night before

BUGFIX: andrew keeps changing the database host to localhost and uploading it without changing it back

UPDATE: we all hate andrew

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    Get your shit together Andrew
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    Nice little trick we do at work : use a host name as db host and put an entry on it on your hosts file 👌

    Than you don't have to keep changing it on the code, only on the machine you are running it.

    If that's the case... Kick Andrew on the forehead...
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    So what are they using, SVN?
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    Staging servers are for wusses. Get Andrew onto that production server and keep those updates coming!!
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    That's insane, can't you ban them from the staging server?
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    Your team members suck. Refuse to learn git? Its not a fucking rocketscience.
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    @cahva pretty much what I was thinking. Most I've met are excited to learn git.
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    Andrew's forhead has been kicked.
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    Before I came on, and I shot you not, dropbox.
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    Tried that,
    It comes off as, 'control freak' to not let anyone else pull or upload.

    Cronjob git commit every day, and let the admin sort it out.
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    This is the third team that refuses to learn git.
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    @Arlekin probably dropbox 😂
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    I don't want to sound too condescending, but HOW any serious dev can work without VCS ??
    Its not "best practice" that takes some time but its helpful - like testing - for me vcs kinda stands in the same place as syntax highlighting - its just something you need to work.
    I read that author of dwarf fortress doesn't, but he kinda works only on it alone the whole time and given tremendous work he's done it makes it rather cute. But in "real world"...
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    Not having TDD or BDD.
    That is a another battle all together.
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