Hey guys. how does life as a programmer look like? is programming job worth learning?

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    Stressful. Not worth it. Keep it a hobby.
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    Also, You don’t learn programming, you learn languages. Programming is an attitude of Life.
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    Really depends on your personal attitude, your motivations, interests and capabilities tbh. Perhaps first decide on why you would want to become a programmer and if you see yourself doing that for a fulltime job. Debugging and problem solving is (personally) a big part of the job so be prepared for that. Also try and determine early on what kind of programmer/dev/engineer you would want to become, since there are A LOT of fields and niches where you can focus on.
    I am personally happy with my orientations and half of the basics were done in my spare time out of interest. If you do it because you feel forced to do it because of job prospects it might turn out worse than you can imagine...

    Oh and welcome!
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    It's not real.

    We just pretend to look busy, no nobody notices that the computer does the work for us.
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    It will destroy your allusions about how video games work. You will find games predictable and gain an understanding of how to hack their mechanics. Be prepared for that.

    If you like understanding how things work in a lot of detail then programming will satisfy this desire. It is also fun.
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    @N00bPancakes we write the software, that automates our workload, it's essentially putting yourself out of a job but your the only one with the knowledge and understanding of how that thing works in the event it needs improvements later.
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    It pays better, is less work, and you can do it for longer in life than a real job like say construction worker.
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    depends on you, the work is tedious, stressful and awful tbh, but i wouldn't do anything else
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    All developers are pretty different
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    After almost 20 years my only complaint is that it is... wearing... to have to be smart af every damn day.

    Some days I wish I could just bag groceries or some other job where I can just mostly "check out", because you very much have to be present to do this job.

    That said. I make a nice living. I do it from the comfort of my home sitting in AC or heat in front of like 6 feet of monitors in a really fuckin nice office chair so my ass won't hurt... could be worse.
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    @yellow-dog what he said x2
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    "to have to be smart af every damn day"

    Bro we need to talk... if I can do this 'smart af' clearly not required ;)
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    It is definitely worth if you love programming
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    Find your knack
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    It's stressful but if you're good at it, its easy money.
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    Software development work requires a special personality type. Every thing a computer does is deterministic and has a cause. Users don’t understand that. Since there are more systems in a modern computer than one person can understand, you have to trust other people with your professional reputation. When the software you make breaks it may have very little to do with your actions.

    So you are either in total control or totally out of control. Either a dream or a nightmare.
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