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    But I don't want to stay motivated, I want to stay mad!
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    I do all the work in advance just to get that feeling you get when everything is already done but the deadline is far away.

    The most important part of it is to tell nobody that the work is done until the very last day.
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    This needs a tag other than rant.
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    @kiki I wonder how you fake a git history. Just not pushing to remote would be brutal
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    @3rdWorldPoison I don’t need to fake it
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    @kiki So nobody reviews it? Lmao
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    The project managers chart is the same only inverted
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    Looks nothing like my process.

    For me it's:

    Day 1: Get super excited about feature

    Day 2-7: Dive extremely deep into tiny details, overengineering everything I come across.

    Day 8: Panic because I realize I went in depth-first instead of breadth-first, and the scope of the project requires a much more superficial approach.

    Day 9: Murder all coworkers in an elaborately planned train derailment, so no one will ever discover my project planning flaws.
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    This is accurate atleast for me, I think about them, procrastinate sometimes and deliver in time with proper unit test recording. If there is a deadline that means you can use it to your comfort levels, but what I also feel is if something can be done before deadline, why procrastinate. Motivation plays a bigger role here, if I am motivated I don't procrastinate, else I tend to probably. Thanks for sharing insightful.
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