Newbies can relate. 🙄

Welcome to programming.

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    It was kind of predictable actually..
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    I was excited so I upvote.
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    Cant say I was. Took programming because it was required. Didnt really understand what I was doing. Then one day the light clicked in and I got it. From then on out it was this shit was cool.
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    What??? I still get excited over the obligatory "Hello World" when starting a new project or learning a new language.
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    I always used to do a "Hello World 2.0" instead where it would all for the users name and pipe the response into the message...
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    I have never written a "Hello world" for any language except for c.
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    One of the exams I had to do on my technical school was to get an Atmega Controller with an LED Panel to display "Hello World!"
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    "Hello, World!"
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