Just reported a minor tracking bug I found on WebKit to the WebKit bugzilla, and I have a few thoughts:

1. Apple product security can be kind of vague sometimes - they generally don't comment on bugs as they're fixing them, from the looks of it, and I'm not sure why that is policy.

2. Tracking bugs *are* security bugs in WebKit, which is quite neat in a way. What amazes me is how Firefox has had a way to detect private browsing for years that they are still working on addressing (indexedDB doesn't work in private browsing), and chrome occasionally has a thing or two that works, with Safari, Apple consistently plays whack-a-mole with these bugs - news sites that attempt to detect private browsing generally have a more difficult time with Safari/WebKit than with other browsers.

I guess a part of that could be bragging rights - since tracking bugs (and private browsing detection bugs, I think) count as security bugs, people like yours truly are more incentivised to report them to Apple because then you get to say "I found a security bug", and internal prioritisation is also higher for them.

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