I have *created* a new team member :) I think he alone could replace most of the team.

Kind of makes you think what have we been doing with our time all those years. If all that work can be automated :/

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    Oh yeah. I'm sure. I saw such environments. What do actually mean with *created*?
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    Maaan, I thought we need to congratulate you on your incoming offspring..
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    @rooter you know.. nuts and bolts, some oil and code.. that's how you create bots :) well okay, mostly code
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    @netikras ah, beautiful. One angry Friday night programming replaced more than a day work a week for me as well. Funny thing is, I actually did it one time manually ever... Imagine the periods before I did it. Epic fail, not real programmeurs. At least, not solution developers
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    @rooter Lucky you!
    In my xp one time is hardly ever enough. Sure, it's enough for simple/obvious automation. But when it comes to automating at a larger scale, like the whole team or internal processes - it takes me weeks/months to understand the flows, habits and caveats well enough and see what different kinds of results in what situations would be beneficial in order to automate them reliably.
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    @netikras it's just my best example :)

    I have a very impopulair opinion about work quality at companies. I often think they're not to low.. But too high! Which brings me back at your comment, the complexity often comes because people care more about the code than the function / solution. Hence, processes hard to follow while they're simple

    Edit: oh, most people don't agree because "oh no, bad code". No fuckers, just focus on the goal bit more, not on some gold hammer rules made by bored programmers
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    I've "created" a few ops teams members this way 😂
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    @sladuled maybe he taught his kidney stone how to code
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