Having a CS exam right now, wish me luck!

Finally, non-math shit.

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    Good luck!
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    You made me think I fucked up days again.. 🤣🤣🤣 checked out profile..makes sense.. (:

    Good luck!! 🍀

    P.S. is בהצלחה correctly translated?
    P.P.S. I don't want to come off rude (I'm just curious af), but I always wondered how you write the code? Is it LTR or RTL?? I'm guessing you write in english so LTR, but never really got anyone to ask and explain..
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    Thank you!

    Answers to your P.Ss

    1. Yes! That’s accurate!
    2. Double yes! Because it’s code and it’s English then it’s LTR.
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    @OmerFlame (:
    Thanks for the answers!

    So, how did it go??
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    @sladuled it went pretty well, I think. Thanks!
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    How did it go?
    And why on a Sunday?!
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    @Ranchonyx for us, Sundays are not the sacred day, so we aren’t starting on Monday, we start on Sunday... smh

    The test went well, I think.
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    @OmerFlame ah, I see.
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    @F1973 we’re not so busy rn :D
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    @F1973 yes
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    Im sure you aced it!
    What was the subject of the test?
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    @bioDan recursive functions and recursive flow charts
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