Microsoft Teams πŸ‘Ž

Luckily most of our company uses Zoom, which is great UX-wise. But MS Teams... What a joke!

I've even been on a call with MS engineers for some Office integration support. Of course, they scheduled a Teams meeting. It was embarrassing how bad the quality and connections were. But likely they simply don't know any better...

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    What's wrong with Ms teams? We switched from zoom to Google meet but ms teams didn't seem that bad the few times I tried it...
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    Zoom... ewww
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    Teams is nice, has many integrations that are useful in work and school environment, but to me it is missing two things: bindable shortcuts, for example mic mute and ability to use multiple accounts on one device (somehow it is posiibke on phone but not on pc)
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    msteams, zoom.... more like privacy violations
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    Teams is Better in all Respects, UI, UX, Privacy, Speed and convenience

    You might need to fix your internet connection

    Might not be the best, but there is nothing better yet
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    @theabbie bro, I'm using Zoom and Teams over the same connections (home, work, on the go, etc).
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    @eeee Still, if your work requires lots of meetings, teams is more suitable and safer, Maybe Zoom makes it appear like a good connection even on a bad connection.
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    @theabbie ... which is better UX!
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    I've been in meetings with 60+ people and msteams holds up every time.

    Zoom, or I should say "open world conferencing" has barely managed to handle anything beyond 5 people before it stutters and and everyone ha to turn of the video to be able to hear each other.

    External companies call in with zoom, we end up calling them back in teams 5 minutes later 🀷‍♂️

    Maybe your teamsing wrong.
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    @C0D4 I have experienced it the other way around. Our company's board of directors gives a monthly update in during the COVID semi-lockdown we have. We do this through Zoom with the entire company: 500+ people in one call, many people speaking, tightly managed by a few (co-)hosts (so that people don't unmute themselves instantly or accidentally). It just works. Great interactivity, great sound and video quality, no noise or interference.

    I've been in a call with just 4 people through Teams where a few people had a bad connection (their fault), but their faces (video on-off-on-off) would move all over the screen. 🀦‍♂️That degrades my UX, thanks Teams! 🀦‍β™‚οΈπŸ€¦‍♂️

    The blur background / replace background feature is mediocre at best in Teams, while Zoom's same feature, which they had way earlier, is much better.

    A few people in our company only use Teams because we were already MS Office customers and we got it for free with it.
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    Specifically when you switch MS teams accounts, infinite redirects hell 🀯
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    Teams is essentially a clusterfuck made from binned skype parts, that only exists because of a pandemic.
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    Every time someone goes on vacation they leave a message on their personal status and the message appears above the text input on chats, it bothers me so much.

    Plus, I can't even quote messages on the desktop app.
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