I only develop UIs with react and only ever with functional components

I would actually DIE without my MacBook Pro 16”

I spend roughly 30 minutes a day trimming my beard. I’m a civilized man after all

I only drink Starbucks coffee, and only if it’s a triple pump latte

Ew what’s jQuery? Sounds like something my grandpa used

Omg really? Are you still using PHP in 2020?! Lame!

Gross. Windows is for n00bs and Linux is for nerds. macOS FTW

Post is comprised of quotes from a classmate who annoyed the living hell out of me

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    I mean, classmate got some valid points
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    😂 “triple PUMP latte”
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    Sounds dumb, but he's not wrong about jQuery. Broken clocks and whatnot.
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    Let me guess: he always wore thick rimmed glasses and dressed in red plaid? Looks like a too-well-kempt lumberjack, but without any of the muscles or work boots?
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    Make sure to laugh when he spills his triple spice latte on his MacBook
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    Anyone else drink coffee black no sugar?

    Its like ginger for cleaeing your palate inbetween bites of anything spicy or sweet. black coffees goes with everything.
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    @Wisecrack My drink of choice is black tea with a pinch of sugar

    @Root almost exactly right, but he’s actually pretty strong
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    That kind of sounds like one of our juniors, albeit less annoying

    Oh and @Wisecrack, the only way to drink coffee is black as a soul and strong nuff to destroy galaxies.
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    @Root I feel personally attacked
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    @hashedram Hipster. 😉
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    for beard and 'stache take a look at Tobias van Schneider, that's definition of hipster designer beard

    Coffee - "Black and strong like Luke Cage!", no sugar whatsoever

    Regarding other stuff you mention it seems that I'm weird nerdy hipster dinosaurus hobo or just white and nerdy.

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    Not entirely sure what was going on until I got to "Ew, what's jQuery". I just keep rereading that line over and over.
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    @Wisecrack I would if I liked coffee. 😢
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    @Wisecrack if you don’t drink coffee black are you really drinking coffee?
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