I made an Android app that on random interval shows android notification with sound like Facebook notification.

Few girls in the office asking me whose messaging me this much on Facebook Messenger. They think the girls are responding to my messages and you know in no time the gossip made me famous.

It's kinda cool being a programmer 😎

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    "I have this alert go off whenever my exes are creep'n on my Facebook profile.... they just can't leave me alone..."
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    Hope your boss doesn't find out
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    @error503 He might think you waste time on FB or you are being less productive
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    Ship it to the play store as "Forever Alone"
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    Sounds good! I wnna try this LOL 😂
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    @SortOfTested I feel that name is too nice considering the "whole thing".
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    Now if only I could get a job where girls also worked there !
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    Next up, smoking tea to pretend being a weed addict.
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    tbh I'd probably smack you for having notification sounds on all the time. Annoying af. I'm sorry.
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    @hasu Don't be sorry, it's a shared space
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    @SortOfTested Probably will get removed as the FB notification sound is copyrighted.
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    I guess one solution there is to have a user selectable file sound option, eg. comes with no sounds by default.. ( Or just copyright free ones.. )
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    @Nanos Or say in app description that it makes FB sounds, then make it play loud porn moans. Royalty free porn moans. No wait, porn isn't allowed in app stores either, right? Ugh.
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    @Nanos compose your own notifications sounds! like back in the old days I'd spend hours on that music maker program the phone came with.

    Actually, what happened to those? Sony Ericcson had them by default and you could write your own ringtones with it (more like, sample, but whatever). It was lots of fun.

    I used to make ringtones for my dad and he would actually use them <3
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    @hasu you sound like you had a great relationship with your dad.
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    @Wisecrack yeah. He is into tech a lot and I look a lot like him. I used to watch him fix stuff. ^^

    We've grown apart a bit since that's what happenes when you get older, but we sometimes take care of our computers together. He does the hardware issues I do the software.
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