I thought the antenna actually did something... nevermind

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    It probably acts as an amplifier or something
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    @liammartens it isn't even connected, it is just show. The real antenna is on the circuit board
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    @moars42 lol that's why @liammartens said it 'act'. They put the antenna they could have done a little more effort and connect the two... #MadeInChina
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    damn. cut a wire and stick it up the external antenna and solder the other end to the chip. better yet do that and run the wire to a dish made of tin foil and steal people's wifi
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    Probably they used universal plastic case, or case originally used for something else.
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    That feel when buzzwords evolve into useless aesthetics
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    That's not an antenna, it's some kind of vestigial defense mechanism to make it appear larger to predators.
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    They probably thought the antenna would provide more synergy.
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    That's not a mistake. That's a feature ;)
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    They just assumed nobody was going to take it apart. Looks like they assumed wrong.
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    @stisch lol hahaha
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    It's probably just there for the placebo effect. If the customer thinks it's necessary, they'll probably pick a model with a visible because it "obviously" has a better connection than the no antenna counterparts
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    Dat cheap toy IC chip!
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    And this costs twice as much as the more basic version that has no external antenna
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    Duh, that's a handle, not an antenna 😒
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    It was sending data to servers in China using wireless USB-radio interface. That's why you don't see any connecting cables.
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    I bet 5 € that the discussion looked something like this :
    PM: "Can we add an antenna"
    Dev: "No need to, we've got an antenna on the chip"
    PM: "But the user expects an antenna, Cisco devices have them"
    Dev:"Okay, you'll get your antenna" *glues antenna onto the finished device*
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