!rant, just looking for some input

I can't find a solution that I like for managing email/calendar in one whack for Linux. I use Debian, and am currently using Evolution mail client, but the calendar doesn't sync with my Exchange. I tried IceDove, but didn't love the mail (or calendar) client.

For my Linux brethren out there, what do you use to manage email/calendar? I've heard G-Suite used a lot, but I'd rather have native software than a dedicated browser window.

Thanks ahead of time.

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    In my experience, Exchange-based accounts are pants on Linux. I've tried davmail and Thunderbird as well as Evolution, but they all suck. The main issues are address books and performance.

    It might be the most hateful prospect, but a browser window might be your best bet.
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    @samk that's what I've been hearing. My company uses Exchange-based email/calendar. The address book hasn't been much of an issue, but the calendar doesn't load.

    it's the only issue I've run into that's keeping me from using my linux box as my work machine.
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    @jimmeh Sadly, I've no choice. The hardware systems we develop for and our historical environment mean Linux is standard, but company email is Exchange based. webmail.domain.com it is, unfortunately.
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    @samk Thanks for the thughts.

    That might be the saddest story I've heard this year.
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