There’s so much we can learn from Gordon Ramsay..
I wish I could swear & insult like he can..

Woman: “who do you think you are? You insulted my friend!”
Gordon: “well if I did then I probably meant it, now get your fat ass back to your table”

“Congratulations, you just got your head out of your own ass. Now piss off”

*Customer wants more spinach*
Gordon: “ ok I’ll make you more spinach *dramatic pause* and push it up your ass”

Or my all time favorite:
“You fucking donkey”

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    I love Ramsay.

    He’s incredibly talented and knowledgeable, he’s willing to share that knowledge and teach if you’re willing to learn, and he blatantly refuses to put up with any shit.

    If you’re a good student, he’s a good and willing teacher. If you’re not, or if you’re stuck up or think you know better, he tells you to piss off.

    I strive to be more like him every day.
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    Yeah reality TV stars seem like a great crowd to pick people from .... /S
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    @N00bPancakes depends.

    Trump was a reality TV star. :)

    So yeah, not everyones behaviour changes between on and off TV time.
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    I remember calling some guy who cut me up on my bike "a fucking donkey" years ago, well before Ramsey became famous, it's a great put down.

    I like Gordon too, he can sometimes show incredible patience when people want to learn, but he really doesn't suffer fools.
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    German insults are great by the way xD
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    @N00bPancakes he’s just like that in interviews and stuff.
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    @IntrusionCM behaarter muschi Sack
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    @just8littleBit Evolutionsbremse
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    Kackbratze sounds wonderful, I'm guessing it's related to "cack", which is another word we use a lot in the UK, as in "your code is cack, you fucking dick splash"!
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    @nibor shitface... Is a good synonym, but German vocalization makes Kackbratze wonderful.

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    Going to go against the crowd here. Sure, I love his direct and no BS approach, and he's undoubtedly very talented at what he does. I wish there was more of that in this industry.

    As a boss, however - screw that, unless you're the sort of person who reacts in kind and works well when constantly verbally abused. While some thrive under that kind of mentorship, the vast majority do not - and if you don't, he just gets more angry and verbally abusive until he mentally pummels you out of existence.

    It's a horrific working environment, and it wouldn't be vaguely acceptable in any other setting. I don't buy the excuse of "working under immense pressure in a kitchen" either. You're just cooking someone dinner. Doctors, firefighters etc. don't behave like that, and I find it hard to argue the jobs they do aren't as pressured.

    Take this as an example - he massively tones himself down for the "normal" TV shows. https://youtube.com/watch/...
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    Agreed, and the full asshole method is really just folks not in control of themselves, and often does a great job of hiding their own BS... and that just festers.

    If I really could just tell customers to fuck off all the time, I would have done it a ton and a lot would never get fixed ...

    It's the 10x developer meme all over again.
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