How is it that Facebook ads play right before the climax or high point of any video. Just when I'm interested to see what happens next, bam, like clock work, an ad pops up. It does not seem to be a fixed time, but more to do with the specific content of the video. Is it just me or is there some sinister algorithm at work that can detect the moment in a video the viewer will be most interested? so the viewer will have no choice but to sit through the advert to see what happens next. Or is the timing of the ad predetermined by some other means ?

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    I feel Youtube has more such tricks to inject ads
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    Its easy to pull off. Show ads at random points, the ones that cause the users to go off the video you drop. Couple of thousands of views you have a very good estimate. But you can go further. Take those videos and points as datasets and you can build a neural network that can nail it even on videos with 0 views. And thats without taking the user into account. They probably know exactly how much and when to show you ads based on how you interacted with them previously. Data is the hardest thing to come by when working with AI and they have a lot of it. So its really no surprise.
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    Did you not watch the social dilemma 😏
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    Do they just track when people quit watching (video effectively over) and then just before that play the ad?

    Also add some tracking for what point folks 'rewind' to and so forth.

    Maybe check the video for loud sounds and such too.
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    The easy way around this problem is to stop feeding facebook after midnight. Or ever.
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    ublock origin. No ads.
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    @N00bPancakes I know youtube can track when people stop playing the video and show that information to the channel through youtube studio so it's not too farfetched to think they'd be able to track if you play or not the ads.
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