Have you ever checked your Teams logs??!
It even logs mouse/keyboard and window activity...

And reports it to your employer with fucking colorfull dashboards. Fuck them...

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    Any substance to back this up? It might be just for diagnostic purposes in case of a crash or something.
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    In addition to what @kamen said, what kind of colour are we talking about for the dashboards?
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    @kamen %appdata%/Roaming/Microsoft/Teams/logs.txt :

    couple examples:
    -- info -- Is foreground set to false
    -- event -- duration: 54.325000047683716, name: desktop_foreground_duration, vdiMode: 0, eventpdclevel: 2,
    -- info -- Machine has been idle for 143.39 seconds
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    Interesting, so I can type "fuck you" repeatedly just so they know what I'm feeling? 🤩
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    Solution: use something else.

    Interim solution: kill the spyware while you’re not using it.
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    I've never used it or been asked to, it does sound like something MS would do
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    @F1973 Answer is always no if you don’t ask 😉

    But seriously, I gave two potential solutions. Use the second if you can’t use the first.
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    @Root what about running it in a VM?
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    @JKyll probably would make it unusable and waste of resource
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    @JKyll It would report being focused forever on an idle computer.

    @F1973 🤷🏻‍♀️
    You’re screwed, then, which I suspect is what you want to hear.
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    @coffeeholic @Root then resignation seems like a fair alternative lol
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    So basically don't do anything on your work machine that you don't want your bosses to know about!

    This is true though no matter sw you use.
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    @nibor Thats one thing. But really not related.
    It's about constant surveillance.
    It's about creating false metrics to judge productivity.
    I know a guy who was bashed by his boss because teams wrongly reported afk while he was working and didn't wanted to pay him. (And of course his boss didn't check git or jira).
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    @F1973 I would not; I mean that maybe Microsoft is collecting those. Haven't had the time to dig around, but I don't care too much since I only use Teams occasionally, usually when there's something company-wide.
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    Lol that log you presented there didn't tell me what you really did tbh.
    I mean if you feel bad about it knowing it idled for 100 seconds, it's good it monitors that isn't it?

    Don't feel bad if you didn't do bad you know?
    Nobody was fired because their machine idled too long. And even if, maybe it was for the better then?
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    You could give the higher ups a full tutoring on evaluation of zero cost metrics freely available.
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    If it's extracted via the log file, just schedule a job every minute to delete the log 🤔 or jot, that seems to troublesome.
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    @C0D4 I think logs migth be for crash reports. Activity reports are more probably done via api in bg not logged.
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    @coffeeholic That's a bad manager. Bad managers can't be fixed with less statistics.
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    Corporate guys and their nonsensical metrics
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    hold on, so our business partners who set up teams for us are watching me write my thesis? hahahahahah
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    @coffeeholic That's called middle manager who's job is to make sure asses are chairs at the office. As if they weren't doing that task, their job would be irrelevant.

    I'll never understand why middle managers micromanage employees to the scale they do, because if you can't trust your employees to do their job then why did you fucking hire them in the first place?
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