Don't be ridiculous and say Mac's are good for gaming 😣, they aren't.

Their graphics are terrible CPUs are shocking ram ... Average the fact they have fast ssds is great

But that's it. For their price points it's not worth it end of story

I used to say Mac's are worth getting if your a designer or video editor...

I have now changed my position due to the shittyness of their latest products

I'm not really much of a gamer anymore to busy 😓 but I can read specs.

People won't build games for Mac's especially now it will lower the quality of their product. I actually don't even see a point of having a Mac in today's world.

Apple are meant to push boundaries ... They are doing it all wrong now 😐

Accept it... And get a PC 5 times faster then their apple counterparts

I do fucking hate apple but I respected them in the past, if nothing but their clever marketing getting sheep to buy their products . Now I just don't respect them, they could at least try to build something remotely worth the money

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    Whew! Hi-5 bro! 🖐
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    I'm not an Apple fan either, but I do love how their products are made. The physical quality, attention to details... And they are elegant. If only they used Windows and Android :D
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    I have a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon 2nd Generation with an adaptive touchbar. It has never been updated once in 3 years since I bought the computer. Say what you will about Apple but they support their products.
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    @WerewolfCustoms ahem, you misspelled Linux :D
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    I'm one of the sheep cause I prefure the apple laptops for programming. Normaly I try to stay out of OS wars but I am curious about your shitty product claim. To what are you refuring to and why?
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    @kpenc Not really. I don't prefer Linux over Windows. I like it, but I find Windows much more useful on a daily basis. And, I hate the trend of people jumping on the Linux bandwagon nowadays just to be "special".
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    Whatever you guys say, Mac gets things done. To make a small change in settings, you don't have to find your way to that option in the control panel jungle for Windows and have a PhD to try it in Linux.
    Apple is going the wrong way now but it's products especially older MacBooks were worth every penny . Their OS is also much user friendly.
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    @SPA-NL if you look at the new specs you can literally build a PC thats 5 times faster then a Mac for the same price

    Their software they are actively removing features that say a video editor uses which plain sucks 😐 I.e discouraging their user base to use their free products and opt for paid ones

    Their latest macbook obviously you would of heard about the dongles you need to connect your phone... That and the usb c ports they have on one sided they are the shitty half speed but they don't tell you that unless you go into hidden specs ..

    That and if you don't use their cables you can damage your device. Because the spec they chose is so high most manufacturers don't produce suitable cables or they are just about now. But the ones in people's hands right now aren't

    That's just a summary ... Of some... There's tonnes more 😐 😊
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    @WerewolfCustoms I don't know abou this trend but I can't develop software on Windows. It's such a pain in the ass for me and I'll never come back. :)
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    @kpenc I guess it's personal preference. I develop on Win, Linux and MacOS, depending on the job. But, it just doesn't feel good if I'm not on my Windows machine. Also, I hate developing on laptops... I need my desktop real estate. :)
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    I am an Apple fan and have always been. However I will agree that the Macs are worthless now, I used to love my Mac experience but I gotta say, I would love to move now.

    But then again, I love the fact that osx is so snappy. It's still fast and Im afraid I might not get the same experience on Windows :( no other OS has been able to give me speeds comparable to osx (e.g. Photoshop and Chrome launching in under 0.5 seconds)

    Can use Linux as Im an artist 🙄 and not a fan of wine
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    @uziiuzair have you tried Krita? I heard it's great. :)
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    @uziiuzair bro I can make windows snappy 😎 hit me up if you need anything
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    @kpenc I use the Entire Adobe Suite and some Autodesk apps. It would be hard to find a replacement that delivers a similar quality 😄 I will check this app out, looks interesting!
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    @FitzSuperUser how snappy are we talking about here? 😂
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    @uziiuzair well the only thing that's not instant is ... 🤔 My external hard drive and that's cause it needs to spin up when I don't use it.

    Depends on specs partly 🙄
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    I got the new MacBook Pro for gaming and I can only play CS:GO on Medium. FML
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    I have a hackintoah on a custom built PC with an i7-6700k and Adobe apps are faster on macOS than on Windows.
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    @Chippy mate you get why ? Because the architecture of the CPU

    Mac's design it like people design consoles and games it's more precise they know what calculations they can do fast. If you build for just one CPU your going to find it so easy to make it run fast then PC with hundreds of CPUs

    So of course it is.
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    @FitzSuperUser and macOS is almost entirely hardware accelerated, and has the hardware level API called Metal and supports fully the NVidia CUDA architecture. I did pull my hairs out when I was installing it on my Samsung 950 Pro NVMe SSD, as the built-in kexts were only for the Apple-branded NVMe SSDs.
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