Dear sales team please stop promising the customer stuff that doesn't exist within the system and then promising them dates for getting said functionality without discussing it with the product team let alone the development team. Also repeating 'but I promised the customer they'd have it by august' will not make 6 months of development work fit into that time frame!

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    The accuracy level
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    Holy shit I am going through same nonsense
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    Sorry for caps lock.
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    This has been the story of my life. I blame senior management for (1) letting the useless buggers get away with it (2) not sacking them for doing it. Failure to deliver on a salesman's inane, uninformed promises damages business in the long term, but typical salesmen are only thinking about what their figures are going to look like this month. In the UK at least, an awful lot of managers think the same way, sadly
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    Never make promises on behalf of someone else. Someone needs to teach sales people this.
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