Thoughts prior to feedback meeting, about how it's gonna go.

Scenario one:
Supervisor: The shit is this? You call this a research work? Get the fuck out of here! You're fired and even your unborn kids are banned from coming into this institute ever again!

Me: *walks out sobbing* (dunno how one can walk out of a zoom meeting, but this is imaginary so who's counting?)

Scenario two:
S: Umm, good work. I just don't think it's presentable. Maybe come back in like a few weeks when you actually polish this into a "real scientific work".

Me: *sobs after meeting. Starts preping for seppuku cuz no idea where I'm headed with this work any further*

Scenario three:
S: nah man. This is no good. Let's start from the bottom. Like, start data collection from the beginning or something.

Me: *sobs and commits seppuku on the meeting.* (I just have a pen tho. Hope it has the same effect as a sword)


There are other scenarios, but they all end up in me sobbing and/or committing seppuku in/after the meeting so yeah the drama is running high right now.

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    Best of luck 🤞🍀
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    Best of luck man. You got this
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    Yo, I see 4 ppl updooting this rant so far, yet the counter says 0. What's up with that?
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    @NoMad there were 4 angry people that -- in less than a minute after you posted
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    @Lyym woah! Some people care about me so much! I can feel the jealousy in the air. ❤️❤️
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    Aren't supervisors supposed to give you advice and guidance instead of a whipping
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    @electrineer yeah but anxiety ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @Lyym oh, actually it may be theabbie and his bots. He does hate me, you know.
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    @NoMad that's what I thought as well, he's just jealous. Let's not give more attention to the internet troll
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    @Lyym I was kidding 😛 but anyways, sucks for them. I don't care about popularity, and those who matter are already subscribed so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    friend of mine had the same situation. He expected a "so... what where you doing this whole time??" - as if someone would actually say such
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