So my boss run 2 different companies, the one that hired me and the one that I work for like 40% of the time (through the first one).

This second company is now having a client that's asking for educational qualification for both my boss and me (?)

I mean, even if I didn't study, why would you need that? The product is up and running and works, so wtf do you want?

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    I've had citizenship and legal related (background checks) and drug test questions from customers.

    Never educational though.
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    For legal stuff maybe?
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    @c3r38r170 no, either they have dome outdated policy they are trying to live up to, or they believe they can negotiate a lower price if they can prove you lack a higher education.

    As if that would have anything to do with what you can do.

    If they are hiring you as consultants it might be relevant, but even then doubtful, I do not have any university education, but I do have 34 years of work experience in the computer field.

    Whatever university I could have had 34 years ago would not be very relevant today ;)
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    @c3r38r170 idk, I mean, even if so, why would they need MY qualifications? I'm just a Dev of a company that developed a product for another company (?)
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    I don't think it would be out of line for someone to ask the customer 'why'.

    These are business relationships, but they're still relationships, knowing what is important to a customer and why is important.

    Customer could say:

    "Well we once worked with some guys who were winging it and it turned out they had no education."

    Even if you don't have any education (just for the sake of argument here) you can say:

    "Here's how we prevent those kinds of problems, we do X testing and Y testing and Jim has done this for 10 years and..." so on ..
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    I still have not cleared my degree, so at first job they were like we can not pay you but you can work here for free. I was like why the hell should I work for free, I resigned and moved on.
    3 years now, and still working without a degree. I still cant figure out, why people ask for such, when they get everything done well.

    Some things surely need to change, specially this degree thing, because not the degree, we are the ones, who gonna do the work.
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    "we can not pay you but you can work here for free"


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    @Voxera @ZioCain
    Where I work, we are asked specific training and titles to allow people to go (and do the work they have to do) in their locations.
    We are safety consultants, so maybe there's something similar for your software case.
    It was just a guess as I thought you could be doing something related to safety or industrial automation (but it's unlikely).
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    @N00bPancakes hahaha truly shown feelings , perfect
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    I have a degree and nobody ever asked me about it.
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    @c3r38r170 Anything safety related or similar require specific license or certificate through training or tests and is rarely something you get from a regular degree and no my current job foes not require any such specialized training.

    I do have a few extra certificates but those I have acquired along the way.
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