if i hear another one of my peers talk about imposter syndrome i'm going to shoot myself

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    Just mentally filter it out and replace it with <user is frustrated about something/> .
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    Stay positive, shoot them instead.
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    "if you're an imposter, we should fire you today. Are you an imposter?"

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    Take colleague to lunch. Order pasta, stick your finger in said pasta, declare loudly: "In pasta syndrome!" Become notorious in office for this. If someone says imposter syndrome. Then pretend to be sticking finger in pasta (maybe between fingers of other hand) while mouthing "in pasta syndrome" looking right at them.
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    @Demolishun You are an amusing kind of weird.
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    @Root I am imagining a very type A boss doing this. Perhaps the intense guy from scrubs (one of the Bobs from office space). I have added this to a list of ideas for a tech parody movie. I am writing down ideas of funny stuff and will try and link it all together into a single movie script. I take an idea and just "see" a scene play out. If anything I amuse myself.
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    Just eject them
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    Just send them one of the thousands of YouTube talks about it. That might keep them shushed for at least a day. Until their code fails again.

    Or write a book with a shitty title like: "The Buddha that beat Imposter Syndrome in 3 lines of code"
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    @Demolishun If you’re not an imposter, why are you wearing that stupid man suit?
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    @Root I am a lesbian trapped in a man's body.
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    If I'm hear one of my peers say imposter syndrome I'm going to laugh... Though i'd cross out syndrome.
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    Is imposter syndrome related to poser?
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    They're probably talking about how they're the impostor and their secret mission is to destroy the company.
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