Hey guys,

Need an opinion if this is gunna work or not

I have a machine that currently has windows 10 de-activated and I want to activate it with a win 7 license, except, I don't want to lose the state of the machine.

Here's what I plan to do:

Clone the machine to an external drive, wipe and reinstall windows 10 and activate with windows 7 license. Get it to the point where it's on the desktop. Then clone it back to the state it was before.

The thought behind this is that the activation is tied to the mobo so the data/install of the actual windows doesn't matter.

I know this isn't exactly a dev question, but I figured its still kind of in the same area so it would be ok.

Thanks to all that reply ❤️

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    There is a whole lot of WTF in this post.
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    @Demolishun then please list a few.
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    Licensing for Windows 7 is not compatible with Licensing for Windows 10.
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    Okay, maybe I am on crack. Is the plan this?

    License Windows 7.

    Upgrade to Windows 10.

    Clone old image after?

    That might work.
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    @Demolishun windows 7 keys work to activate windows 10 when you put them in when first prompted to (During the boot from usb stage). Assuming you have up to date windows tools.
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    @MrSledgeGaming Sorry, I read the initial post a completely different way. lol Time for weekend.
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    @Demolishun All good friend, we all have our days ☺️
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    The old install may have been activated with kmspico as well, may be very important to the topic because I think kmspico interrupts the connection to the microsoft servers :/ but since it got deactivated that service may have been continued/fixed in some update
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    Load win7 in a virtual machine, activate, upgrade to 10, extract key.
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    @SortOfTested No, I have had keys flagged and disabled with shenanigans like that.
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    @SortOfTested The problem is it sees it as different machine than hardware.
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    As long as you uninstall the product key when extracting it'll be fine. The activation servers only get pissy if it sees two machines talking with the same key.
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    @SortOfTested Ah interesting.
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    @SortOfTested how would you go about extracting a key / removing it from the system?
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    Also worst case, you just call the activation service and they ask you if you're only activating on one machine.

    I've never had them tell me I can't activate it. I used to do this multiple times a day when breaking my machine as a kid. Granted, those were the XP days.
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