Hey I want to ask some react project suggestion that are good for interview as an experienced web developer. I don't want to build calculator :(

Mine list is
ToDo App
Expense Splitter App
CV Management App

ANy Thing else will be welcomed

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    All the above with auth/access management for users.
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    Card matching game. Configurable grid of cards, pull images from unsplash or something, make two of each image you pull, randomize them, then place them on the grid.
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    Scrape one of these websites and make sex offender google

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    Please make that ToDo app without ads and in-app purchases.
    I’ll take it then (even if it’s paid, depending on how worthy it is).
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    Consume a publicly available API and display charts with somewhat relevant information. Integrate features like SSO, comments, etc.
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    If you make a responsive todo app and turn it into a pwa, I'm interested. I have yet to find one that doesn't sell my tasks and actually works well.
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    Make a fun game-like website that I can spend at least 5 hours on
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    I feel like THE most common interview case for react would be:

    Consume some API that provides either
    a) a list or blog-posts / articles
    b) a list of products

    Your front end implementation could do something like
    A) an listing page and a details page for each item
    B) two listing pages (like default & recommendations) that you can toggle between

    Possbile extra features
    * search
    * ”add to favorites”
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