Worst meeting:
Boss: *calls everyone* URGENT MEETING. If you're on your lunch break, then stop and join the video call. Is it a weird time in your timezone? Wake up. But COME

Omg what happened? Is the server down? Are we getting a huge client? What is so urgent that it needs all of our attention right now?

Boss: I'm afraid that I won't be able to stay long in this meeting.

... then WHY the f did you call this meeting?

Boss: that's why we'll have a meeting next at *such hour*. In the meantime, talk to your respective departments about what you've been doing and what you need from each other. See you!

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    My brain translation:

    My nano penis needs compensation.

    At least one area where I can fuck.

    Still only for few seconds, but... Muahahhahha
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    At least some folks have the dignity to put on a suit early in the morning....

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    He scared the shit out of your team for that??
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    Company President: No one needs to be in fear of their losing their jobs! We are an essential business and COVID won’t effect us.

    48 hours later

    IT Director: Because of recent world events, we’ve had to make severe cuts in every department and will be letting go of the highest 2 salaries from each of those departments. So you no longer work here.
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    This is what's known as the boy who cried wolf. Next time he says that because the server actually is down, everyone will stay asleep.
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    Typical day at my old workplace.
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