What the fuck is wrong with the designers? We have had meetings with the client, a proposal drawn up, a project spec written, budget agreed, witeframes drawn up exactly to spec. Designer involved in all stages for input and ideas. Now the designers have the wireframes, they are supposed to create based on these. No they make up what goes on the pages that bare no resemblance to the wireframes in terms of requirements. I am fucking fuming. I have sent the designs back with a note. Please provide designs based on the wireframes.

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    They're thinking outside your boxes.
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    @localpost You can shove a designer in a container, weld it shut, the designer will be in the container but he will still be thinking outside of it.

    aaarrghhh!!! They are annoying!
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    @netikras imagine a designer being a developer too

    nOT aLl dEsIGnErS aRe eQuAL
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    "please do your creative painting in your free time. right now you are expected to trace over the wireframes with nicer pixels. thank you."
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    @bagfox I am a designer and developer. I am self employed, the job came through a design team, who are really good designers, but they have no logical thought, whereas I have a creative and logical side, which is a blessing and a curse.
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    PM: "Design already went over budget on this, so you have half the time to build this site. Let's do a design review."

    me: (looking at design for a website I've never seen before and know nothing about) "We can't do this in 25 hours." (points at small design flourish that is outside of the grid or structure, that seems to be accidental anyway)


    me: "You guys know that we're supposed to do review before the client sees the designs, right? That's how it normally works."
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    @helloworld now you know why I concentrate on UX more than a e s t h e t i c s
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    I can sort of see why this happens.

    Designers think they know what they want during the wireframe stage - but they haven't really marinated on their ideas.

    Once they move on to the design stage, they realize they forgot to think of some aspects.

    And then they figure it's not worth it to go back and change the wireframes - it's faster to implement those changes right away into the design.

    You should probably tell your organization this is a clear sign that your designers need multiple iterations to finish an idea.
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    What if designers have their own social media complaining about devs called "style-rant" 🤔
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    @eo2875 only difference being they complaining more about stupid clients than developers
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    designer should not know how to fucking code, but what the fucking designer should know are how things work and what are capabilities of the fucking medium he is making the fucking design for!
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    @jiraTicket If you read my post the designers were very much involved through the whole process. From the very start. Their ideas fed in to the eventual project spec and wireframes. It seems that they weren’t engaging their brains fully until it came to ‘their bit’ and totally ignored what has already gone on before.
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    @devJs The only thing they needed to do in this instance was put the icing on the cake that they themselves helped to bake. fucking idiots.
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    @jiraTicket Really good analysis
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    @devJs Yes design schools should have a course called “Intro to software development for designers”
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    @helloworld I reread your post and I don’t think my post disagrees with what you. - my thought was that you’ve shown designers might need more iterations between the stages of wireframe and the finished design.
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    @wakenightRyu I am aware of that, I don't get it how they can fucking work if they don't understand how shit works!

    I am all on that designer should code and developers should design train. Shitheads going apeshit crazy about that with: Why the fuck should i know something that is not my job.

    As a designer turned developer I hate to do it but it was necessary to lecture designers on design especially on stupid decisions more than several times.

    On lecturing them I mean to provide them with constructive criticism and solving the fucking issue with the knowledge they should have (but they don't for some fucking reason). Its so fucking sad.

    Also that's why developers should know to do design, to stop the possible shitstorm in the future! Also known as - I now changed the whole fucking layout and whole style guide! Please apply changes until end of the day. TM
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