Goodbye bouba rudiment

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    B&w because blood
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    Happy numb-pain days 😛

    Don't drink warm stuff for a while or it'll randomly start to bleed.
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    That looks painful
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    So clean
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    this is art in 2030.

    "I pulled a tooth and set its blood corpse on this gauze to photograh it FOR ART. Look at it! LOOK AT IT."

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    Assert dominance over your peers, wear it as a necklace as a reminder that pain is the ally and that death is a sweet and salty nectar of paradise.

    Or something.
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    @Wisecrack I actually tapped on the picture because it looked cool.
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    Holy fucking shit that tooth is LONG
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    @OmerFlame That's the tooth plus root. That's what all molars look like.
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    @junon ah, it’s just that when they pulled my wisdom tooth out, they had to cut it because it was horizontally locked so the actual tooth and the root were completely mangled and separated. (And bloody.)
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    @OmerFlame Yeah that's typical of wisdom teeth removal. Even if they don't have a lot of problems they still usually have to break or otherwise shatter your wisdom teeth to remove them. That's why you're put under anesthesia in most cases.
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    @junon yeah I already knew that lol.
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