For fucks sake python.
Reminder to the morons like me still using python:
Notepad++ is not a real IDE and Console output is not a real debugger.

And here we see the absolutely dogshit worthless error output of python:

Says its the fucking return line where the problem is. Besides the problem being between my fucking ears apparently, it took a fucking double take to realize I had capitalized the class keyword.

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    What's on top of the log?
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    You have a clusterfuck of indentation messages before that. Python's error reporting, however retarded it may be, did quite a good job of telling you the origin of the error.

    Maybe consider looking at the whole error output ;)

    Also how did you manage to do that? I can't reproduce it. It says "Invalid syntax" on "Class" definition :D
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    @3rdWorldPoison Yeah, I think it's the verboseness brought by REPL.
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    @vintprox Does anybody ever legitimately use REPL apart from entry grade "Python Tutorials"?

    It's clearly an inferior experience.
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    @3rdWorldPoison I'm python 'programmers' so by definition I'm lazy.

    REPL because it means I can test ideas out stream-of-consciousness style instead of bothering with inane and useless things like following standards or good practices!
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    It's impossible to shitpost these days. Everyone catches everything right out the gate.

    Take your winnings and go.
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    @Wisecrack I get you man. It's really tricky to use the console output as a debugging tool. I love it and I hate it. Sometimes what I do is to put the code inside a `buffer.py` file, but a last dummy statement at the end like `True`, put a break point in that dummy statement, and then run it on the debug console because it's so much better and pretty, but so much slower, and then I go back to console output, start hating it again, all in an endless cycle... until I finish the project, and the next one startsstarts... and so it will be for as long as Python exists.
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    Use a real IDE - PyCharm community edition is free.
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    @Oktokolo That's just willing a love-hate relationship into existence.
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    @Oktokolo Yes!! Anything JetBrains is awesome
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    What do your class names and variables mean? This looks like decompiled or minified code.
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    Python's stack trace is quite lengthy. But it is still pretty easy to get some hint from the log if you read through the whole thing. But vague error like this is pretty common in every language I guess.
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    C++ compiler's trace would like a word.
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    @AlgoRythm thats how my brain pretends to work.
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    @3rdWorldPoison I'm using REPL (IPython though) for calculator stuff or testing whether something is a syntax error
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    I don't know, whether Visual Studio has Python support - but if yes, you can obviously use that too. But in general, IDEs are good tools for writing and maintaining code - just don't forget to configure them to your liking.
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    Also use a linter, I see missing empty lines.
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