You get bullied... because you love Visual Basic

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    Gimme your project budget or I'm giving you an atomic wedgie 😋
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    I LOVE VB!!! Simply the best 🔥
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    calling @kiki to the stand
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    @junon what do I have to do with vb?
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    @kiki Oh wait it was @Root that said she hated VB. Disregard!
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    You can build anything in VB. Anything at all.

    vBinux Kernel?

    Sure. It’s just going to be a monster pain to write and a worse pain to maintain. And least of all: slow. Dear gods will it be slow.

    Do yourself a favor and write in Perl instead. Positively blissful by comparison.
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    @Root why Perl? 🤔

    If I need performance and no limits I choose C++ as my weapon.

    But what’s best than seeing people building “””OSes””” using VB6? 😍
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    Personally, I love VB as well. Way more than c# for me. We can both get bullied by it 🥴 like any of these nerds can do anything about it 🤣
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    @JS96 ⬅️ You

    VB isn’t suitable for anything except perhaps basic UI-only windows apps, yet some people attempt to build basically everything with it. It’s slow and always, always leads to unmaintainable spaghetti.
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    @Root 👈🏻 you

    And you also missed my reference to a real category of newbies.
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    You deserve it.

    Just kidding, but Visual Basic is no joke.
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    @JeffGregg always have been
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