Do I really need to say more? Okay, it's low level so there is no abstraction. All you deal with is cold naked mathematical truth and physical limitations.

It's still ❤️

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    I mean, it abstracts the CPU instructions, but I get what you mean 😉
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    Assembly is a lot more fun than javascript and api enterprise bullshit
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    Well, it's good for bare-metal applications, but as soon as you're trying to interface with an operating system, you have to deal with calling conventions and system calls, and those aren't fun
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    @TheOnlyMrCat That's an interesting username you've got there!
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    @SortOfTested and also microarchitectural details. Assembly (and machine language) targets virtual, abstract hardware (the instruction set architecture), an illusion that's maintained by the processor's reorder buffer, consistency semantics, precise exceptions and all that fun stuff. It's actually a pretty high level language from this point of view. (I'm sure you know this, was for others).

    "Hah, you "low level" programmers think EAX, EBX, R1, R2, R3, etc. actually exist in hardware. *dramatic laugh* and even worse, that the processor executes instructions one by one sequentially" - comp arch prof
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    Ah yes! Assembly is goood.
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    I fucking love Assembly, its quirks and complexity are the exact thing that I am searching for when someone says “learn something complex”
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    @RememberMe I have been red pilled now...
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