Damn, I really love Vue! 🥰
It's so clean and refreshingly simple compared to the shitfuckery called AngularJS (should be renamed to AngularJK or AngularRIP btw.).

I don't understand why I haven't tried Vue sooner... much mind boggle, so regret, many thinking...

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    It's just angular 1 with a react style combining of concerns option. 🤷‍♀️
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    Vue is love, Vue is life. That's just how it is.
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    Have you tried latest version of Angular and the power of its reactive forms approach?

    Anyway all our personal choices don't matter. What matters are the tech stacks we use in our work which we are required to learn. Also, I like in-demand skills in my area like Angular and React. Little to none for Vue in my area.
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    I used Vue for the first time in a CRM with Laravel this year and I love it. Also discovered how useful elixir is. Angular can fuck right off
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    @SortOfTested That was probably the case in Vue 1, but that doesn't seem accurate nowadays 🤔.
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    agreed, Vue is pretty awesome
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    I used vue... didn't like it much... too much mixing of business logic and the templates (which is why I pref Ember or Angular) D:
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    @FinlayDaG33k The only time business logic really clutters your templates is when you choose to do so. Could it be that you just misused the framework? And also, I think Vue 3 makes it easier to make sure you do it right.
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    One thing I love about it is that it is ridiculously easy to migrate an angular project to Vue.
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    @ScriptCoded I guess even their own docs misused VueJS back then.

    I just followed their own guides and they kept mixing business logic with my templates... after which I went: "k, screw this, back to Ember"
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    I keep up to date on it, aside from the composition API (which I find disgusting) and the bits like lazy loading which poorly ape angular 2, the whole underlying update model and execution pipeline, as well as the core directive impl behave exactly the same way.
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    @SortOfTested You have some valid points there.
    I think what Vue achieves really well is the seamless instantiation of components and a much better performance compared to Angular 1.
    As for the API, it is indeed quite quirky, but I've implemented some wrapper around the app creation process, which makes it more coder friendly.
    But still, the Vue API is much much cleaner than what Angular 1 puked out. 😄
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    @Devnergy I've only used Angular 1 and then Angular 5 to 10. In my opinion A6 was horrible, but the most recent major releases did great job in improving the build process and bundle size.
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    True for the most part. I'd probably say it's easier to get good performance with vue, with the added caveat that most people wrote absolutely shit code in Angular 1.

    Angular 2 is way faster than both of them, however.
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    @SortOfTested 100% agreed! 😄
    Boi have I seen some abysmal Angular 1 code...
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