I accidentally sent my password to slack channel!!

I have deleted it and changed my password of course, but it still doesn't make the embarrassment go away. Especially because my password is something ridiculous like :


Some people have already seen it!!
RIP my reputation.

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    I once thought I was assigning an email to a colleague of mine and added an internal message that said something like "we are not going to do this shit, go ahead and tell them". As you can already guess, this was not an internal message, but was an email that I sent to a list of almost 15 thousand people.... Oops.

    Shit happens, but don't feel embarrassed about it. You are probably the only one who really cares.
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    I am sorry for laughing out loud when I saw the post... But I can totally relate to you. But as @koes has said, you probably the only one who cares. Most people won't be that bothered by it. Shit happens.
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    A good take away from this experience is "Don't use embarrassing password!"

    I also remember the time when my supervisor ask me for my password to login into my account in the server to install something (I know it's not best practice, but I had no other choice). Thankfully I have 'normal' password for that one! :-P
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    @cho-uc yes. I have weird passwords for my personal accounts. But for work related stuff, I intentionally choose "normal" password. I always keep in mind that all the information I have related to work, I might sometimes have to share them with someone on my team. So, I keep them clean and "normal" .
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    see? all asterisks...
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    tip: use a password manager so you can just set random strings as your password
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    Always write emails with quoting in mind.
    Colleagues are quoting or forwarding what you wrote.
    They aren't always checking whether it is a good idea to do so.
    So better choose your wordings wisely...
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    People will have a quiet chuckle to themselves and move on ☺️

    If you @here the channel instead though, you'll get all the rage πŸ˜‰
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    At least it wasn't a porn link. :-)

    I'm reminded of someone I knew who when applying for a job used an email address something like:


    I'm reminded the time when I was chatting to a dozen people at once, and accidentality called person A by person B's name..

    That did not go down well !

    Lesson there, don't chat to that many folk at once !

    Or at least, don't use their names. :-)

    I'm reminded of an old friend who used to refer to everyone as "darling", then they never had to worry about getting names wrong.

    Related link:


    > Captain Darling
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    A while back I sent some very personal, embarrassing and flat out stupid emails onto an industry mailing list, while I was drunk and pissed off by political correctness, renaming, yada yada... Half a year or so later I'm still ashamed of it, especially since that list has government representatives, very high-profile computer scientists and whatnot in it.

    It's permanently archived in public, and cannot be removed. I like to believe that people have forgotten about it and won't look for it again πŸ˜…
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    At least is an honest password, right?
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    I was CC'd on an email confirming a candidate come in for work the first day.

    I didn't realize it wasn't an internal email.

    I hit Reply All.

    I sent "Neat, fresh meat."

    I was listening to music with headphones, couldn't hear anything. Appx. 5 seconds later I feel the vibrations of Zeus and Jesus entwined in harmony, manifested through the form of my manager's fist hitting my desk.


    I learned my lesson that day.
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    But .. but.. I have a reputation to keep!

    I am trying to keep an appearance of this cute, innocent, down -to-earth, shy girl when in fact I am not :-P

    I will lose several admirers in the office over this...

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    If you haven't ever embarrassed yourself like this or by, say, calling a manager "helpless" on a call when you didn't realize they were on the call, you've not been trying hard enough to do your job.

    Yes, yes I did that.

    My coworker texted me: "HE'S ON THE CALL!"

    To his credit, he called me and told me I was right and that he was going to work on it and wanted my honest feedback.
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    @junon πŸ˜‚
    I honestly would have found that even more hilarious.
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    @JustThat I did something similar with the CEO of Hell while he was on the call. I thought it was just myself and a sales guy, and said something not so nice about him. He screamed at me. I think I said something like “oh hi, I didn’t know you were here.”

    I also inadvertently told him his designs looked like a child’s drawings (in front of literally everyone) thinking they were just quick sketches rather than full, serious mock-ups. He was taken aback and silent for a few seconds, and said something like “I’m a mature adult. I can take the criticism.” πŸ˜… oops.
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    you're the opposite :)
    i sent my matrix recovery key by accident once.
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    @cho-uc time to change to your next big job position
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    Normal passphrase like... "I will never tell u my fu**** password even if you suck my..."
    This would be most secure if you ask me. You should never share your password or be prepared to do so. Ever.
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    And good that it did. He has to get a realistic view of the job he got as fast as possible. No downplay, no time to lose. ;)
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    I wish I was there. Might even back your case with something like "Has your dog had diarea and you took a photo? Those icons, man!@%"
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    @Nanos Did they get the job though
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    No they didn't !

    It might have been the email address..

    Or because they was a right c**t..
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    Think of it this way - you made someone's day. I'm sure many laughed mildly cringed, and the truth is, it's all too relatable to be anything but.
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    Haha this reminds me of the time when HR sent the contract of the new Director of Engineering to the whole company, so now everyone knows how much he makes.
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    I remember once some manager in my previous company wrote something like this while welcoming a new employee.

    He is xyz , who has previously worked at abc and is married to my wife since past 12 years.

    This spread on whatsapp across Bangalore.
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