Was reading something about delusional disorder, and it got a bit scary cuz it made me question myself. Now, I tell you why.

I have a bad memory when it comes to trivial stuff. And I am, by occupation and therefore on a daily basis, creative and imaginative. Having pretty strong imagination means that I often have to ask myself "did that really happen or did I imagine it?" Which, given anxiety, I imagine all types of scenarios before they happen. (Parallel universes got nothing on me 😎)

So, now I'm wondering, where is the line between imagination and delusion, and how can you say what's real and what's not, be it offline (distorted memory) or online (schizophrenia).

One idea could be that video recording could help confirm, but we read emotions and vibe in real-time, and often those can't be recorded.

... Idk. Maybe I'm overthinking it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thank you for reading my half-baked thoughts!

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    I guess it's a disorder when it significantly affects your every day life. It's extremely common that people remember events wrong. I recall reading that first hand witnesses tend to remember completely different and even contradicting things when enough time passes from some event. Was there even some study where the witnesses were shown footage of what actually happened and they were confused how wrong their memories were.

    I'd say you're probably on the safe side as long as you can question yourself and get it right most times.
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    Or maybe I'm just imagining that I've heard about something like that 🤷‍♂️
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    Considering that our entire experience is us imagining what the input to our senses mean. We assign meaning and value to objects through interaction. Our interpretation can wildly differ for the same situation and environment. One thing I have noticed is I can detect minute changes in an environment. Other people don't care, or don't notice. Other times I completely miss some changes. I was driving by gas station for years. I didn't even notice it was under construction for weeks until I needed gas. I was driving by EVERY DAY. So I definitely missed that change! So my super power is flawed.
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    @electrineer I think the chemicals that get dumped into our brain during flight/fight mode don't help.
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    @NoMad Don't walk that road.

    It's become a problematic issue that medical knowledge is available online.

    Talk with a specialist about it, but don't get your brain up on the track of "Might I have"...

    Sometimes it's better to not know :)
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    @IntrusionCM yeah I guess as electrineer also said, if it's not causing an issue in daily life, it's not a problem to solve.
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