Current programming experience: Looking at the API Docs, and crying

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    It's only down hill from there.
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    Maybe a visual representation of your problem could ease the pain? You may google about system mapping. A method to make sense of very complex systems quickly. Best of luck! You can do it! 👍

    Medium - Making sense of complex systems
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    It's good to get into the crying early on.

    Those are some solid fundamentals that not everyone picks up right away and really bite folks in the ass when they cry about code for the first time way too late in their career.

    I've been in way too many stand-ups where folks start crying and it's obvious they're crying over code n00bs and it's just awkward.
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    It's because they are so beautiful, right?
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    At least you got docs...
    The last couple of of APIs that I've had the pleasure of working with, have docs that are wrong or maybe, if you are lucky, they just have a list of endpoints 😔
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