"UNIX is basically a simple operating system, but you have to be a genius to understand the simplicity."
-- Dennis Ritchie

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    And don't forget that:
    "Linux is only free if your time has no value."
    Jamie Zawinski
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    @micheletto People often seem to forget this. Though honestly I feel I've done more problem solving with Windows than setting up linux. Either way, using it because it's free is a shit reason in the first place imo.
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    My mom got me a shirt that has that quote on it for Christmas :)
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    @runfrodorun seems like you're implying you never need to set up your system to your preferences, change configs, etc. Sooo... Power user stuff basically. I find that hard to believe, especially since we're all devs. Not saying you don't also spend this time on win, but I've spent well over hours (maybe even days) configuring my machine to my liking.
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    @runfrodorun That's not my argument, and that's exactly my point ;)
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    @runfrodorun Okay, maybe I wasn't clear enough. I was simply agreeing with @micheletto that Linux costs time to set up properly and to your liking, and people often use Linux "because it's free" (which in turn is false because your time is also valuable).

    Of course you also spend time doing this and other stuff on windows, but that was besides the point.
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    Linux is a great OS but the user has to be a super geek and know a lot of commands to be comfortable around it (which has a lot of joy once you do!)
    I used Ubuntu 14.04 for a while, installing and updating software, connecting to VPN, mounting an unmounting partitions, changing encoding of a text file, configuring boot menu and many other stuff are done via command line.
    Windows is much much more user friendly and saves the user a lot of headaches. And of course it has so many more features.
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    What simplicity if it takes genius to understand that?
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    Oh, good to know I am a genius
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    This thread got heavy.
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