debugging session. It's getting no input stream... doesn't seem to be a DNS problem...

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    Hav you tried turning off and on again?
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    What am I seeing and why does it need a DNS?
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    @nitwhiz I would guess on dishwasher or washing machine judging from the size, shape and piping on the floor behind it
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    @Voxera yeah, except for the 3.5mm jack...
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    that jack is from the speakers I had to unplug to make that foto
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    I had a clogged up kitchen sink and after that was fixed the dishwasher stopped working. dunno if it didn't like dirt and sulphuric acid being forced into it's output or if that's just another random failure.
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    Probably need to scan your ports and check any firewall settings.
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    Let me guess.. it's a Bosch/Siemens branded machine?
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    @istobic close. It's neff
    And old enough that one can actually see how parts work
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    It actually works again - I'm surprised myself
    That makes it by far one of the more succesful among my recent projects
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    @istobic like look at that: there's a styrofoam floater that pushes against the flimsy grey lever pushing the red plastic rod to push a (quite loudly clicking) switch.
    I guess thats to stop sth when the outer tub (where the electronics sit) fills with water somehow.
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    @Jedidja so while unclogging the sink, you flodded the dishwasher housing? 😅
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    @istobic that might've been it. I haven't seen water in there but I've had already tilted it a lot (flooding the floor a bit) before I looked at this floaty
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    That styrofoam thing is an engineering requirement for quite a few countries.
    Isn't NEFF one brand of the Bosh/AEG corporation?
    Congrats on sorting all the kitchen out.
    Those items are a good challenge.
    Every time.
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