Anyone heard of a an interview process where you apply through a job site and the first interaction back from the company is a coding project?
I've had it a few times where I'm told there will be a coding project or there has been later in the process, but I've never had it as the immediate first step.
Why would an unknown small startup think that someone would spend a couple of hours effectively working for them without having the slightest idea about the company and culture. An application is usually classed as an expression of interest and a discussion into the wider detail is then usually had with some HR or recruiter representative (or at least that's my experience in the UK)

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    That's way suspicious / kinda a jerk thing to ask.

    As someone on the more n00b end of the scale I don't mind reasonable coding example / projects. But asking for one cold gives me a very poor impression.
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    Sounds like the other side of it will be a zero hour contract
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    Of all the places I applied for internships that didn't send immediate rejections, they sent a coding assessment first.
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    A couple of hours of work is not that much. If you want the job, it's probably worth to spend these two hours on the project. It's better to spend two hours on coding a project than to spend two hours answering funny questions in an interview
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    If you haven't even spoken to someone at the company .... how much could you even want the job?

    Outside "god I need a job / any job", I don't think you know much yet.

    Job hunting is such a taxing / time sink as it is, a few extra hours per job when you're still at the phase where you know almost nothing could be astronomical.
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    I ended up taking competency tests for various languages because I left school in year 8 and only had a couple years experience freelancing, but refuse any live coding challenges or other dog and pony shit shows. It's highly competitive out the but I won't dance on command
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